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Nate + Jess

It was freezing cold, the wind was blowing, and our teeth were chattering! However, nothing could get in the way of this awesome shoot. Nate and Jess were total champs, and they made our job super fun and easy. Thanks guys! Hopefully you love these images as much as we do!


It was a beautiful day for Maddie's senior portraits.

The Brauns

When Cameron and Mindy asked us to do their family photos - I have to admit - I was a little nervous. They are brilliant photographers themselves, and we wanted to make sure we were at our best. Here's Cameron, Mindy, Holden, and future baby. We love you guys.

Laura + Dominic

Laura and Dom recently celebrated their 1 year wedding anniversary. This is a couple in love, people.

Friends + Puppies

Steve and Maddie Reddy - to say they're our best friends in the whole world is an understatement. We hang out quite often. They just got a new puppy - Dojo. To say he's one of the cutest puppies in the world is also an understatement. We decided to round up Franco (our "little" pup) and Dojo and head out to Shaw Park. What ensues is nothing short of incredible cuteness.